Non-Hierarchichal Network Evolutionary System

April 19, 2010

Games, Art and Beyond at Evo*

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Not only technology is required for living in balance. This year, besides presenting latest results on Automation Software Testing at Evo* Conference, we have also presented some kind of art for videogames.

New results on Automatic Genetic Terrain Generation were presented at EvoGames 2010, as well as this video on Chapas, the videogame using the technology developed.

Let us know of you want to become beta-tester for Chapas.


April 14, 2010

UnrealBots in EVO* 2010 (EVOGames)


Here you are the AMAZING (:D) poster presented at EVO* 2010, inside the Workshop EVOGames.

The work describes the analysis, design and implementation of two evolutionary algorithms (a Genetic Algorithm  and a Genetic Programming one) to improve the default Artificial Intelligence of the Bots (authonomous enemies) inside the PC Game Unreal.

It had plenty of visits and millards of interest people ask me about the topics in it…

… well, to be honest just, 10 people ask me (3 of them are friends of mine), but in some moments, around 8 or 10 people were looking at the poster and making jokes with me, since it seems to be a perfect mixture between a fabulous research study (:D) and a funny PC game. ­čśë

Enjoy it. ­čśÇ

April 8, 2010

Characterizing Fault Tolerance of Genetic Algorithms in Desktop Grid Systems

April 5, 2010

NoHNES at Evostar Istanbul

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A substantial portion of the NoHNES teem will be in Istanbul attending the EvoStar 2010 conference. Paco Fernández, Daniel Lombraña, Anna Esparcia, Antonio Mora and myself will be there presenting two papers and one poster. My own presentation on an evolutionary MasterMind is already online, and the rest will be here shortly.
So, NoHNES will be at Evostar for the third time in a row (I talked about the first one in my other blog)

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