Non-Hierarchichal Network Evolutionary System

September 13, 2010

MAEB 2010: Artículo de bots

Presentación del paper “Evolución de FFSM para el control de bots en juegos FPS” en el MAEB 2010



July 26, 2010

cec 2010: good query expansion terms classifier

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This is the presentation of another world congress on computational intelligence paper: Training a Classifier for Good Query Expansion Terms with a Genetic Algorithm. This is about automatically finding good terms to improve the queries the users submit to the search systems, and this is the presentation: .
We have developed a classifier which has been trained for distinguishing good expansion terms. The identification of good terms to train the classifier has been achieved with a genetic algorithm whose fitness
function is based on users’ relevance judgements on a set of documents. Results show that the training performed by the genetic algorithm is able to improve the quality of the query expansion results.
The paper is not available yet at IEEEExplore, but we can email to whoever is interested.

April 14, 2010

UnrealBots in EVO* 2010 (EVOGames)


Here you are the AMAZING (:D) poster presented at EVO* 2010, inside the Workshop EVOGames.

The work describes the analysis, design and implementation of two evolutionary algorithms (a Genetic Algorithm  and a Genetic Programming one) to improve the default Artificial Intelligence of the Bots (authonomous enemies) inside the PC Game Unreal.

It had plenty of visits and millards of interest people ask me about the topics in it…

… well, to be honest just, 10 people ask me (3 of them are friends of mine), but in some moments, around 8 or 10 people were looking at the poster and making jokes with me, since it seems to be a perfect mixture between a fabulous research study (:D) and a funny PC game. 😉

Enjoy it. 😀

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