Non-Hierarchichal Network Evolutionary System

September 13, 2010

MAEB 2010: Artículo de bots

Presentación del paper “Evolución de FFSM para el control de bots en juegos FPS” en el MAEB 2010



December 1, 2008

Our tools PRESAGI, EVITA and MELiSSA in the news

Sunday, 23rd November 2008
In an interview with Valencian newspaper Levante-EMV, CAS group coordinator Anna Esparcia talks about three tools developed within NoHNES project:

  • PRESAGI, for bankruptcy prediction
  • EVITA, for the optimisation of inventory and transportation costs (including the calculation of vehicle routes) in retail chains
  • MELiSSA, for the allocation of products to shelves in supermarkets

See full interview (in Spanish) here.

October 6, 2008

MELiSSA – the tool every supermarket chain wants

Our paper “A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Linear Shelf Space Allocation Problem” was presented at PPSN 2008  in Dortmund. The paper describes MELiSSA, a tool for allocating lengths of supermarket shelves space to products or groups of products.

The paper is available through Springer online and its abstract is as follows:

This paper presents a multiobjetive approach to solve the Linear Shelf Space Allocation Problem (LiSSAP), which consists on allocating lengths of shelves in a given shop to specific products or groups of products. Previously we gave the first steps towards the development of a commercially viable tool that used evolutionary computation to address the problem; in this paper we introduce MELiSSA, standing for Multiobjective Evolutionary Linear Shelf-Space Allocation, and test it on two real problem configurations, yielding very good results.

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